Ability Category Files

Ability Categories can be defined in either the active GameMode's miscinfo.lst file or in a loaded dataset's abilitycategory.lst file, with each ability category being defined in one or the other, but not both. Ability categories are defined, one per line, as per the ABILITYCATEGORY tag documentation in the miscinfo.lst file documentation.

Warning: SOURCExxx tags must not be used in the abilitycategory list file, so source information must be listed in comments where required.

Ability Category File Tags

*** Added 5.13.5


Variables Used (x): Text (Name of the Ability Category).

What it does:



Defines a category named Special Attack.

Special Attack <tab> PLURAL=Ambush

Defines a category named Special Attack and sets the internationalized name to "Ambush".

The following tags are used in ABILITYCATEGORY lines and are defined in the miscinfo.lst file documentation: