GMGen Documentation

PCGen now includes the game master aid GMGen. GMGen has been developed as a well-rounded tool for the RPG gaming community to help you, the Game Master, to effectively manage and facilitate the game from a computer. Until now, multiple third party solutions existed, but none were compatible with the PCGen system. GMGen is designed using a Plug-in software architecture so individual Plug-ins can be removed from GMGen without effecting the performance of other Plug-ins. To activate GMGen click the GMGen icon on the toolbar or choose GMGen from the Tools menu. Until you activate GMGen the program is not loaded into memory and will not effect PCGen.

Activating GMGen

The GMGen application allows you to:

Some of the tabs in GMGen will allow you to Save and Open files specific to the active tab. For example the Dice Bag plugin saves custom dice bags with the extension .dbg and the Initiative plugin will save the complete state of the Initiative tab to a file with the .gmi extension.