Skinning PCGen


This document explains how to find, download and install "skins" for PCGen to provide a different "look and feel" to the interface. These "skins" are provided by third parties not related to the PCGen team or Code Monkey Publishing.

  1. Enabling skinning capability in PCGen

    Download the file from the following location:
    Unzip the file into the \pcgen\lib directory.

  2. Finding some "skins"

    Merton Monk has provided several links on the yahoo! Groups page: I found some of the best ones at: however YMMV.

  3. Placing the "skins" where pcgen can find them

    The easiest is in the \pcgen\lib\ directory however you can use your own directory format as you will. There is no need to unzip the themes/skins as they are applied from the zip files.

  4. Applying "skins" in PCGen

    1. Open PCGen
    2. Choose Settings...
    3. Choose Preferences...
    4. Under Appearance, Choose Look and Feel
    5. Choose the Skinned option and use the "..." button to browse to the location of the skin zip files
    6. Choose OK and the Theme/Skin should apply (However on some systems you need to exit and restart PCGen for this to take effect).

Hope this helps!