Welcome to the FAQ for the PCGen from the PCGen Team. Here we'll try to answer some of the questions that appear most often from PCGen users!

Important Notice: This FAQ is Tongue in Cheek, complaints about the style can go to /dev/null , or go talk to Karianna, same diff ;-)

Please bear with us, if this FAQ doesn't answer your question or appears to be incorrect, we have done this on purpose to enrich your experience and make you think harder. We do our utmost to keep this up-to-date and we'd love your comments and suggestions!

The BIG Question:

"What is PCGen?" they cry. Well ladies and gentlemen (and chimps), let us tell you. PCGen is a FREE open source software application for creating characters in RPG role-playing games. Simple as that, good eh!

It is also a religion for some, a home for lost souls (We are really nice to them), a place to party online, somewhere to brush up on those IT skills, a place to practice your good natured insults and most importantly a project of Fun!

PCGen has been a massive labor of love started by Merton Monk (Bryan McRoberts) and now shared by 100+ helpers and _thousands_ of users. It's cool, it rocks and you should use it because it is............. FREE .

That's right 100% honest to goodness, protected by law, free software, see the LGPL ver 2.1 open source license for details. The licensing for the data sources get a little more complex, but you can visit our Data Sources FAQ , Publisher Permissions page, and Sources page for details.

The Little Question:

"Who are the dictators of these mindless hoards of monkeys?" they cry. Well ladies and gentlemen (and chimps), let us tell you.

An acknowledgment section has been added to the documentation that endeavors to include all PCGen participants.

The Board of Directors list in that section shows the current team leadership. These monkeys got their positions by contributing more on a consistent basis than any of the other volunteers. They have displayed an in depth working knowledge of their area and are willing to put countless hours of time into ensuring that PCGen continues to be the best Character Generator available anywhere. You'll see them trying to suck souls, crack whips and generally bullying the monkey populace for the good of all PCGen :) We've even made one sing "I'm a little teapot" at Gencon, you've been warned.

If you have contributed in the past and are not mentioned as you rightly should be, please email the current Content Silverback or the Documentation Second with the team you were a part of and what you actually worked on. You will then be added to the relevant section for posterity :)