Output and Printing Issues

  1. How do I get the character sheets to only print out the skills my character has?

    There is a list box in the lower right hand corner of the Skills tab that determines which skills show up on the character sheet (called "Include skills").

  2. How do I get my familiar's stat-block to appear on my wizard's character sheet?

    The OS block for familiars is only activated when both the familiar's and the master's files are loaded.

  3. How do I get the natural attacks block to show up on my character sheet?

    To activate the "Natural Attack" OS block on the character sheet You will need to make an ABILITY for that attack. Your new ability will look something like the following:


    CATEGORY:Natural Attack



    This is the name of the Attack that will be displayed.


    Formula to give the correct attack, will need a special set up if you want Weapon Focus or Greater Weapon Focus to work, there is NO proficiency associated with this "attack".


    Sets your damage, the nice thing is these are variable, however, these are NOT size dependent. But you can adjust the damage


    Sets your bonus damage


    Sets your reach - "REACH.VAL" uses the PC's natural Reach value


    Sets your damage type - Bludgeoning, Slashing, Piercing, Energy Type, Element Type


    Sets your natural weapon threat range - typically '20'


    Sets your Critical Multiplier value


    Allows special notes, like a poison attack


    Allows additional special notes, like a improved poison attack

    These Set the Values. NOTE: they are all variables and you may alter however you wish.









    For Special Attack Notes, you may either use DESC:x , or ASPECT:NaturalAttackNotes|x . ASPECT is used for just one note while DESC can take PRExxx tags and are ideal if your attack can be given to other creatures whose attacks vary by level based increases.

    What this solution will not do is handle iterative attacks unless you set up the ability with an ASPECT with all the iterative attacks. Unfortunately, ASPECT needs work in order to fully support any Alternative Iterative Attacks, or partial Iterative Attacks.

    Suggested Method to add Bonus to Hit by proficiency would be to do BONUS:VAR|BiteAdditional|1|PREFEAT:1,Weapon Focus(Bite) and make sure you add Bite to the weaponprof.lst file and append AUTO:WEAPONPROF|Bite to the ability. This will allow the character to take the Proficiency in Weapon Focus. Repeat for other methods you desire.

  4. How do I get checkboxes to show up on my character sheet for my homebrew abilitiy?

    To activate the "Checkboxe" block on your character sheet for your homebrew Special Ability you will need to include the following in your ability:

    1. Include the "Checklist" type in the abilities list of types. Example: TYPE:SpecialAttack.Supernatural.Checklist
    2. Include the following ASPECT tags:


      ASPECT:CheckCount|x [x can be a number, variable or formula.]

      ASPECT:CheckType|y [ y is simple text that is displayed next to the Check Boxes. ]

  5. How do I get conditional skill bonuses to show up on my character sheet?

    To activate the "Skill Info Block" on your character sheet the character must have been granted an ability or feat with the following included in it:

    1. The "SkillBonus" type included in the type list. Example: TYPE:SpecialQuality.RacialBonus.SkillBonus
    2. ASPECT:SkillBonus|x tag must be included in the granted ability or feat. The quot;xquot; is simple text as per the DESC tag.

    This will display the included aspect text under the skills block.

  6. I try to preview a character or bring up the Doc, and nothing happens.

    Since PCGen is cross-platform it's hard to assume what browser you're using. Click on the menu item Settings->Preferences and a dialog box will appear.

    One of the options under Locations is to set your Browser Path, just navigate to the executable of your favourite browser.

  7. I click on the print icon and get a warning about missing files.

    The pdf_new.zip library is required if you want to print directly from PCGen - otherwise you can view the files in your browser or adobe acrobat (pdf files) and print from there. The pdf_new.zip file is located here , unzip it into the lib subdirectory where you installed PCGen. Then you'll need to re-launch PCGen for it to find it properly.

  8. Does PCGen support any command line exporting functionality?

    PCGen does support command line exporting of characters through its Command Line Interface (CLI) . For a complete description of all options available see the PCGen CLI page.