Character Creation Issues

  1. Why can't I make a (insert Prestige Class Name here)?

    Well I know you are all keen to play the (insert Prestige Class Name here), so here goes:

    Make sure you have chosen all the prerequisites. Not just some of them. This may include needing levels in a particular class, ranks in certain skills, a particular feat, particular spells in your spell book and more.

    You can check how you are doing by clicking on the class (in the Classes Tab) you want to get to, in the bottom left hand corner it will show you the class and what pre-reqs you are missing (in red)

  2. Why isn't my character proficient with (insert Weapon Name here)?

    Are you sure you've fulfilled all the prerequisites for this weapon?

    If you have, on the summary tab, try clicking the 'Abilities' button then the "Weapon Profs" and select the proficiency.

  3. Why can I not add bonus languages to my character?

    According to the rules a first level character can choose a number of bonus languages equal to his intelligence bonus. A character may not choose bonus languages after first level. As a house rule PCGen's preferences can be set to allow one to choose bonus languages after first level.

  4. Why can I not add all the spells I should know at level (X)

    PCGen will allow you to add lower level spells to higher level slots (per the rules) but this will prevent you from fully populating these slots with spells of the highest level which could go in them. For example, if your character can cast three 0-level spells and one 1st level spell per day it is possible to add four 0-level spells to your spell list because you are using the first level slot to hold a 0-level spell. This will prevent you from adding a first level spell to your list. An easy way to avoid this situation is to add you highest level spells first and work your way down.

  5. Why does the ex-monk not work correctly?

    Well basically supporting ex-classes and removing levels is a very difficult task.

    We at every release improve this functionality, but the whole issue probably won't be cleanly resolved until we head down the CDOM path (in the medium term future).

  6. Why are there no Feat/Skill-description?

    This is done to prevent anyone from being able to use PCGen to bypass purchasing books. Feats that come from sources that don't have one-line descriptions have similar descriptions created for them.

    For special abilities from classes, PCGen has the name of the ability from the class level table in the source book although if someone adds in #/day or some such that isn't in there, that's not a big deal.

    If you want more description than this, you'll have to make your own version of the files, because this is the word of the PCGen Team and it will go a long way to avoiding publishers breathing down people's necks about this whole thing.

    Needless to say we do NOT endorse or encourage people to start swapping fully descriptive text files.

    It is important to note that publishers are our friends! A vast majority have supported this, so we're going to play nice and so should you.

    If you don't play nice we send the Ninja Monkeys after you...........